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At Thompson Golf Management, we are all about the power of building relationships. With over 30 years of traveling the world and experiencing the incredible cultures, courses, clubs, and events celebrating the great sport of golf, we have leveraged our wealth of knowledge and talent to understand and elevate your club goals.
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Everyone at TGM values acting with honesty, trust, and transparency with all our clients. This is the best way to build long-term relationships that uphold ethical business practices.

We prioritize the needs of our clients, offering a people-centric consultancy that improves the overall reputation of the golfing community, industry, and provides a positive impact.

Our guiding principle is to deliver services that exceed client expectations. We remain continually committed to improving our services at every opportunity, so we stay at the forefront of the golfing world.


At TGM, we aim to transform the golfing community with professional club management that combines advanced technology, traditional values, and innovative creativity. We are a passion-driven consultancy committed to delivering exceptional quality so every new project can build on the foundation of success we have spent years cultivating.


There is no better validation for a golf club than receiving prominent industry awards that showcase its capabilities and features. At TGM, we have been honoured to receive over 200 accolades, demonstrating our ability to navigate facilities, clubs, and courses toward the recognition they deserve.


There is no better validation for a golf club than receiving prominent industry awards that showcase its capabilities and features. At TGM, we have been honoured to receive over 200 accolades, demonstrating our ability to navigate facilities, clubs, and courses toward the recognition they deserve.
As a leading international golf consultancy, we have had the pleasure of working with incredible clients, successfully navigating all kinds of unique projects. Each endeavour has allowed us to stand out and showcase the many benefits of our valued clients. Some of these projects include:

Our expert TGM consultants and professional agronomists offer valuable expertise in maintaining and improving the health and playability of your golf course. We provide insights on turf management, irrigation, pest control, and overall course maintenance that reduces your maintenance complexities and ensures a stunning environment.

Your consultation will depend on the size of your course, specific environmental needs, and operating budget. We encourage you to schedule regular check-ins, especially during high foot traffic seasons in the Spring and Fall or when under extreme stress periods.

Absolutely! Our TGM golf course agronomists are skilled in sustainable practices to minimize environmental impact. We will assist in implementing efficient irrigation systems, reduce water usage, manage turfgrass diseases, and offer eco-friendly procedures to lower your overall impact without sacrificing course quality.

Always get a clear copy of the background and experience of your potential agronomist. You should seek out certifications like Certified Golf Course Superintendent (C.G.C.S.) or bachelor’s degree from an accredited university that demonstrates their commitment to professional standards. In addition, feel free to ask for references.

A quality golf course agronomist is vital in budgeting and cost management. For example, our team at TGM will help you make informed decisions about resource allocation that lower your general operating costs and ensure quality practices for turf maintenance, fertilization, pest control, and irrigation.

Our TGM advanced irrigation management software insights offer precision control over irrigation scheduling and water distribution. We help improve water efficiency, reduce runoff, power consumption, and optimize your course turf health. You’ll benefit from real-time data, weather forecasts, and soil moisture sensors to accurately determine irrigation needs.

This will highly depend on your location in the world. In general, typical insect lifecycles on golf courses include white grubs, armyworms, and cutworms. We target these and other critical pests through effective pest management. This involves understanding their lifecycles and implementing targeted cultural, biological, and chemical control measures.

We always align our TGM consultant practices with your sustainability goals. That includes using specific herbicide chemistries that are effective for targeting particular turfgrass weeds without harming the greater ecosystem of your location. In addition, our consultants will carefully select and apply herbicides based on weed species, growth stage, and environmental considerations to ensure your safety.

As a world-renowned golf course management service provider, we understand that regular equipment maintenance is crucial for the longevity and optimal performance of golf course turf management machinery. Therefore, our consultants offer critical practices that include routine inspections, lubrication, and cleaning of equipment components such as reels, bedknives, cutting units, and hydraulic systems.

The easiest way is to contact our professional TGM consultants. However, you can develop an effective fertility program for your golf course by understanding soil conditions and turfgrass nutrient requirements. This may involve soil, water, and tissue laboratory testing to help identify deficiencies and imbalances. Then we can develop a customized fertilizer plan for your specific course.

Part of our mission at TGM is to help establish strong client relations and provide practical project guidance. This may involve maintaining open communication, understanding client needs, and aligning agronomic recommendations with project goals. Our team will offer regular progress updates, clear timelines, and collaboration to cultivate a productive working relationship with tailored solutions.

Every team member is going to be different. However, establishing clear goals and guidelines goes a long way to ensuring the overall quality of your location. Our TGM consultants will help develop comprehensive training programs covering turfgrass management, pest control, irrigation practices, and equipment operation.

Again, this will highly depend on your goals and publication audience. However, our TGM team is experienced in establishing technical documentation and record-keeping, demonstrating a standardized system for documenting agronomic practices, including soil test results, pesticide applications, irrigation schedules, and cultural traditions.

TGM is all about remaining at the forefront of innovative methods for golf course management. For example, we frequently assist clients with drones for aerial imaging and course analysis, real-time soil moisture monitoring sensors, irrigation management, and pest tracking solutions. All of which we can help train your course staff to use – fully supported by data for advanced decision-making.

There is no one simple solution to annual reporting. At TGM, we always recommend a comprehensive approach, emphasizing the recommended maintenance schedules, pest control strategies, irrigation plans, and budget considerations for the upcoming year. We also help create technical agronomic reports that provide a more in-depth analysis of course conditions, highlighting areas for improvement and offering research-based recommendations.