Golf Courses
with Ingenuity

Thompson Golf Management (TGM) began with our founder Cameron's enthusiastic and curious nature for the game, often leading to playing three rounds daily as a youth at Middle Ridge golf club in Toowoomba, Australia. Over 25 years later, we have grown from a fun idea to an international team of leading authorities on pre-opening, agronomy, construction, grow-in, and tournament event management.
Through our enterprise-wide values, we forge a path of purpose, guiding our actions to exemplify the utmost integrity, our behaviours to demonstrate unwavering commitment and our performance to achieve excellence, all while envisioning a more beautiful and tightly-knit golfing world.

EXPERT Strategies​

With a deep understanding of the intricate dynamics that contribute to a thriving golf course, our focus is on unlocking the full potential of every golf project. Through tailor-made systems and comprehensive solutions, we aim to help you enhance playing surfaces, optimize resource allocation, streamline operations and revitalize course layouts.

& Insights

Explore our “resources & insights” for expertly curated, industry-leading documentation. Our team provides essential materials to elevate your golf course management, offering knowledge and tools for excellence in the field. Stay ahead in the game with our valuable resources!

Manifesting limitless enthusiasm for the grand traditions of golf.
Prioritizing course and club goals, strategy, and state-of-the-art tech.
Providing cutting-edge golf course management services.
Promoting collaborative learning and growth culture.
Implementing sustainable practices for future success.
Providing advanced 3D renderings for enhanced visualization and planning.
Incorporating data-driven analytics to improve business decision-making.
Customized golf management for your club's needs, time and budget.
Forging a harmonious partnership with clients, team, partners, and members.



Explore the dynamic network of collaborators and integration experts that unite seamlessly with us, amplifying impact on a global scale. Delve into a glimpse of our past and ongoing connections that showcase the power of our cooperative efforts.
Clients benefit from the rich tapestry of TGM relationships and network, unlocking additional value as we work together within an integrated and expansive framework.