A Monumental Golfing Oasis Designed by a Legend

Situated within the vibrant tapestry of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the Tiger Woods Dubai Golf Course emerges as a testament to unrivaled golfing magnificence. A true masterpiece that showcases meticulous design and extraordinary features, this course is a tribute to its namesake golfer, Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods Dubai is a private residential community and resort boasting the world's inaugural golf course meticulously crafted by the legendary Tiger Woods himself – Al Ruwaya. This monumental endeavor, a staggering 1 billion-dollar project, marks Tiger Woods' inaugural foray into golf course design.
Cubic meters of sand transformed
Sprinkler heads
Strategically positioned on course
Sourced and shipped internationally

Reflecting Tiger Woods’ visionary essence of creating an awe-inspiring and challenging golf course, Al Ruwaya spans a remarkable 7,800 yards. This par 72, 18-hole championship course features dramatic elevation shifts, lush landscaping, captivating water features, and a layout designed to enthrall and challenge golfers of varying skill levels.

Beyond the exceptional golfing experience, this enclave of luxury encompasses lavish residences, a boutique hotel, a rejuvenating well-being spa, a distinguished fine dining restaurant, a professionally staffed golf academy, and a clubhouse that speaks of refined elegance.

Encompassing an expansive area of 25.3 million square feet within the Dubailand project

This golf course community boasts an exquisite array of 20 mansions, 150 villas, and over 100 medium-sized villas, all encapsulated by the aura of the Clubhouse. The latter serves as a communal haven, granting access to many luxurious facilities, including a swimming pool and retail department while affording sweeping views of the golf course and academy.

Tiger Woods’ profound influence on the region is realized through The Academy at Tiger Woods Dubai. It offers cutting-edge methods, state-of-the-art equipment, and world-class instruction from seasoned professionals, empowering newcomers to flourish in their golfing journey.

The Boutique Hotel at Tiger Woods Dubai is an architectural marvel, offering guests an unforgettable experience through its unique and opulent design and a level of service that mirrors its grandeur.

Cameron was pivotal in orchestrating an astounding landscape transformation in this ambitious venture. Over 22 million cubic meters of earth were expertly moved, sculpted, and shaped to forge picturesque greens and dramatic topography. With an intricate network of more than 7,000 sprinkler heads and bunkers inspired by the famed Australian sandbelt, this endeavor stands as one of Cameron’s most immersive projects, a tribute to the cutting-edge methodology and visionary prowess exemplified by our team at TGM.


  • 22 million cubic meters of sand transformed.
  • Over 7,000 strategically positioned sprinkler heads.
  • 10,000 trees sourced and shipped internationally.
  • 40-hectare nursery nurturing greenery to life.

This unparalleled achievement is not just a golf course – it’s an embodiment of a visionary’s ambition and the collaboration of a world-class design team. Witness the grandeur of Tiger Woods Dubai Golf Course, redefining the essence of golf.

Cameron Thompson, Director of Agronomy at Tiger Woods Dubai, affirms, "This project's scope was staggering, and our commitment to excellence was unwavering. We spared no expense in bringing Tiger Woods' vision to life and creating a golfing masterpiece that sets new standards in design and luxury."


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