Dynamics 360:

Tech & Edu Synergy

Embark on a nuanced expedition through the precision orchestration of golf course administration, where an amalgamation of cutting-edge solutions and educational acumen converges seamlessly. "Admin Dynamics 360" epitomizes our holistic methodology, providing a panoramic perspective that assimilates administrative finesse, technological innovation, and educational excellence.

Observe the effortless fusion of these elements as we redefine the topography of golf course management. This section invites you to delve into the details, where the symbiosis of advanced strategies elevates operational efficiency, propels progress, and fosters a profound reservoir of knowledge.

Traditions Manuals

TGM draws inspiration for its unique leadership style from the military, airlines, hospitality, and other industries that build a strong foundation of standardized staff procedures. However, we understand that your team cannot be everywhere over the vast expanse of a golf course, so we devised a manual system based on the consistency that secures every customer touchpoint is exceptional. In addition, our TGM manuals can be customized for every client, offering:

Staff orientation
TGM creative writing guidebook
Agronomy manual
Irrigation booklet
TGM negotiating manual
Standard operating procedures

Quantum Leap Template System

Following a comprehensive audit from one of our TGM consultants, we lay out a tailored play that will systematically implement a catalog of each item through our "Modular system.” We implement each of our templates slowly and at the best timing to ensure your team is adequately trained and the processes are seamlessly integrated into the fabric of your team culture. This typically takes 2-3 years to complete fully and covers topics like:

Human resources
Time & task
Agronomic planners
Fertilizer & chemical record keeping
Maintenance facility

The Singularity

Virtual online agronomic library

Working in close conjunction with the Modular System, TGM is proud to provide an expansive virtual library on agronomy best practices. This may include a comprehensive collection of research papers, technical documents, and articles ensuring the undertaking of property education and best practices. In addition, we want to support managers and executives with all the tools needed to guarantee a quality turf management practice for professional playability.

We invite you to inquire about our virtual library today and discover the resources available to support your professional development. Join our community of like-minded professionals and gain the knowledge and insights you need to succeed in today’s fast-paced business world.

Metrics & Best
Practices Initiative

Our TGM advanced consultancy offers benchmarking and auditing programming that takes a comprehensive snapshot of your facility, identifies areas needing improvement, and creates a fantastic and reliable resource for historical data over time. We help your organization succeed by measuring and evaluating current performance goals against industry standards and best practices. Our TGM consultants will offer insight into:
Measuring performance so you can identify where you are falling behind and take corrective action to improve your performance.
Identify opportunities for improvement, allowing you to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve quality.
Create historical data to measure the effectiveness of your initiatives and identify areas where you need to focus your effort.

Digital Consultancy Hub

With so many fantastic golf courses spread across the globe, our professional TGM consultants cannot always be where they are needed. For those situations, we provide remote agronomic consultations. You'll gain valuable advice and guidance through documentation, photos, drone imagery, online meetings, and immersive calls. We want to ensure you reach your turfgrass and maintenance goals regardless of location.

FederaTIon CerTIficate

We offer a distinctive, invite-only, biannual 3-day educational workshop that results in your receiving a TGM certification. This allows you to be a prestigious member of a growing team as well as prove your experience, having worked at a TGM-managed facility for three years.

The general itinerary is as follows:

  • Arrival from 3 pm onwards (chip & putt games at the Pavilion practice facility).
  • Proceed to arrival drinks at 7:30 pm (unless you are scheduled to have your 1-1 meeting with a TGM representative earlier than 3 pm)
  • Welcome dinner in the Pavilion Villa (business casual)
  • 8:00 am continental & cooked breakfast

  • 9:00 am course begins at the Pavilion Villa (business suit)

  • 10:45 – 11:00 am morning break

  • 1:00 pm lunch

  • 2:15 pm course resumes

  • 3:45 – 4:00 pm afternoon break

  • 5:30 pm course ends

  • 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm arranged one-on-one appointments with a TGM representative

  • 7:00 pm – drinks

  • 7:30 pm – dinner in the clubhouse

  • 9:00 pm – videos/movies selected by TGM

  • Dinner in the clubhouse (business suit)

  • 4:00 am tournament set up (volunteering) – uniform pack

  • 9:00 am B.B.Q. breakfast

  • 10:00 am graduation lunch (black tie)