D.L.F. Golf Club



DLF Golf & Country Club: A Golfing Gem in the Heart of Delhi

Located in the heart of Delhi, the DLF Golf & Country Club epitomizes the seamless blend of world-class golfing with luxurious country club living. Designed by the legendary Gary Player, this prestigious establishment has garnered acclaim from across the globe, consistently proving itself as a premier destination for golf enthusiasts.

With meticulous agronomic pre construction root zone engineering led by OnCourse Agronomy & Soil Science in conjunction with Cameron Thompson, the club has set new standards in course conditioning and has successfully hosted an array of esteemed international events.
Newly renovated course opening
Holes facility
18 by Gary Player & 9 by Arnold Palmer
Host of the Johnnie Walker classic

DLF Golf & Country Club stands as an exemplar of excellence in the world of golf. From its renowned design by Gary Player to its international acclaim and commitment to agronomic innovation, this establishment offers a golfing experience that is unparalleled. Whether you seek championship-level play, luxurious amenities, or a respite from the city’s hustle and bustle, DLF Golf & Country Club promises an experience that transcends expectations.

DLF Golf & Country Club’s international recognition reverberates throughout the golfing world, earning it a position among the most revered golf courses:

Top 100 Golf Courses in the World: DLF Golf & Country Club has consistently secured its place among the top 100 golf courses globally. Gary Player’s design and the club’s unwavering commitment to excellence have earned it a well-deserved spot among the elite.

Best Golf Course in India: Regarded as India’s premier golfing destination, the club has repeatedly been crowned the best golf course in the country. Its immaculate fairways, challenging layouts, and world-class amenities make it a must-visit for golfers and connoisseurs of luxury alike.

PGA, European, and LPGA Events: DLF Golf & Country Club has played host to prestigious events on the PGA, European Tour, and LPGA, further solidifying its status as a global golfing hub. The world’s top golfers have graced its fairways, attesting to the club’s international acclaim.


  • Superlative course conditioning: DLF Golf & Country Club sets the gold standard in course conditioning, with meticulously manicured greens and fairways. The annual overseeding with Ryegrass ensures that the course remains lush and vibrant year-round, offering an unparalleled golfing experience.
  • Strategic location: situated in the heart of Delhi, the club provides an oasis of tranquility amid the bustling city. Its lush greenery and serene water features create an idyllic escape for members and visitors alike, offering a world-class golfing experience just moments away from the capital’s vibrant energy.
  • Agronomic expertise: under the guidance of OnCourse Agronomy and Soil Science, in collaboration with Cameron Thompson, DLF Golf & Country Club has engineered innovative root zone systems and optimized workshop functionality. This commitment to cutting-edge agronomy ensures that the course remains in impeccable condition, even under the most demanding circumstances.
Cameron Thompson succinctly captures the essence of DLF Golf & Country Club: "A hidden haven in Delhi that consistently exceeds expectations, with conditioning that is nothing short of immaculate, culminating in hosting internationally televised events." This dedication to perfection has solidified the club's reputation as a world-class golfing destination, where luxury living meets the finest golfing experience.