The Hero Indian Open, India’s National Open and flagship golf tournament, made a triumphant return in March, setting a new standard with a record prize purse of USD 2.25 million and several first-time incentives. Held from March 28-31, 2024, at the prestigious DLF Golf & Country Club, the event drew a high-powered field of star players, including leading local names and notable international golfers.

This year’s edition of the Hero Indian Open became a significant part of the Asian Swing of the DP World Tour, enhancing the prestige and competitive allure of the tournament. With 144 players vying for the title, the competition was fierce, culminating in a thrilling finish that saw the winner, Keita Nakajima, clinch the trophy and a fantastic reward of USD 382,500.

The tournament was marked by the seamless integration into the DP World Tour, offering added benefits for the Swing Champion. This association not only elevated the tournament’s status but also brought it into the global spotlight, attracting a diverse array of talent from across the golfing world.

Hero MotoCorp, the Title Sponsor since 2005, celebrated two decades of a fruitful relationship with India’s apex golfing body, the Indian Golf Union (IGU). Additionally, this year marked the 10th year of the tournament’s partnership with the DP World Tour, showcasing the event’s evolution into one of the most anticipated stops on one of the biggest global golfing tours.

A noteworthy aspect of the tournament’s success was the exemplary condition of the course, thanks to the expert management by the agronomy team led by Superintendent Shaun Sattery. Their efforts ensured the course was both a challenge to the players and a testament to the beauty of the game, highlighting the importance of golf course management in hosting such a prestigious event.

As the dust settles on this year’s Hero Indian Open, Keita Nakajima’s victory will be remembered as a highlight of the tournament, showcasing the skill and determination required to conquer one of the most challenging courses on the DP World Tour. The event not only celebrated the sport of golf but also underscored the growing prominence of the Hero Indian Open on the international stage, thanks to the enduring support of Hero MotoCorp and the strategic partnership with the DP World Tour.


Guy Kinnings officially begins his new role as the European Tour Group’s Chief Executive Officer today, Tuesday April 2, 2024.

Kinnings, who succeeds Keith Pelley, has been the European Tour Group’s Deputy CEO, Chief Commercial Officer and Executive Director – Ryder Cup since 2018, and now becomes only the fifth person in the CEO position since the Tour was established in 1972.

He said: “Today is a very proud day for me and my family. It is a real privilege to become the Chief Executive of the European Tour Group and it is a responsibility I do not take lightly.

“Our Tour has such a wonderful history, and I am delighted to have this opportunity to help shape the next exciting phase in its evolution.

“I have been working closely with our players, our Board, our partners and our staff over the past six years and I feel we have a great opportunity to look forward and to focus on unity and alignment in the game. There has been a shift in our sport to a more global mindset and that is something, as golf’s global Tour, that we welcome.

“We have a widely recognised international footprint, stemming from 50 years of building relationships and staging tournaments in many different countries and continents and this allows us to appeal to golf fans from a wide variety of different backgrounds and demographics. We very much look forward to continuing that.”

Eric Nicoli, Chairman of the European Tour Group, said: “This is a hugely significant day for the European Tour Group as a whole and on behalf of the entire Board, I am delighted to welcome Guy to the role of CEO.


“He is vastly experienced, is hugely respected throughout the golf industry and has strong relationships right across our sport. Our deliberate and purposeful succession planning will ensure a seamless transition in our leadership at this pivotal time in the evolution of the men’s professional game.

“We are looking forward to working closely with Guy to take advantage of the opportunities that await us, and to take our Tour to even greater heights on behalf of the entirety of our membership.”

Kinnings has been an influential figure in golf for more than three decades. A law graduate from University of Oxford, he left Freshfields law firm to join IMG’s legal team in London in 1989 and moved to its golf division in 1991 where he worked with some of the world’s leading players in the professional game.

He went on to become IMG’s Senior International Vice President and Global Head of Golf, leading the company’s worldwide golf business comprising both clients and events, as well as managing its key relationships with all governing bodies and brands involved with the sport.

He joined the European Tour Group prior to the 2018 Ryder Cup at Le Golf National in France and as Executive Director – Ryder Cup, he has overseen the growth of the biennial contest’s Worldwide Partner programme.

Kinnings also had overall responsibility for the 2023 Ryder Cup in Rome – the most successful edition to be staged in Europe – as Luke Donald’s European Team defeated the United States 16½-11½ at Marco Simone Golf & Country Club. 

As Deputy Chief Executive and Chief Commercial Officer, he also oversaw the growth of the Tour’s commercial operation.

Alongside the Board and the Executive Leadership Team, he helped to secure the Strategic Alliance with the PGA TOUR in 2020 which has helped grow the DP World Tour prize funds to record levels. He was also central to the ground-breaking agreement for DP World to become the title partner of the main Tour at the start of the 2022 season.

Kinnings becomes the fifth Chief Executive of the European Tour Group, following John Jacobs (1972-1975), Ken Schofield (1975 – 2004), George O’Grady (2005-2015) and Keith Pelley (2015-2024).



2023 marked a groundbreaking year for Thompson Golf Management (TGM), as our innovative and strategic approach in China has garnered widespread acclaim and numerous accolades. At the forefront of this success is our commitment to elevating the playing conditions and standards through regimented golf club management, blending scientific insight with practical expertise to redefine the golfing landscape in China.

Sheshan International Golf Club: China’s Premier Golfing Destination
Sheshan International Golf Club, under the guidance of TGM, has firmly established itself as China’s top golfing destination. Our role extends beyond agronomic advisory; we continue to be instrumental in steering the prestigious WGC HSBC Champions tournament preparations. Sheshan is the epitome of excellence in the Chinese golf arena, consistently showcasing outstanding course conditions and setting the benchmark for quality, consistency, and tour-level standards.

Roger Foo, the GM at Sheshan collecting multiple accolades at the 2023 national awards ceremony.

Westlake Golf Club: A Rising Star in the Golfing Firmament
The transformation of Westlake Golf Club, a Nicklaus-designed course, is a testament to the visionary leadership of its owners and TGM’s strategic management. Our primary focus has been on staff training, preparing them for tour-level presentation, and applying repeatable systems. We’ve also implemented advanced agronomic and administrative procedures to deliver exceptionally consistent conditions year-round. These efforts have propelled Westlake Golf Club into the national spotlight, now recognized as a top 10 club in China.

The Westlake ownership, Nicklaus Design, and TGM on site discussing course design and tournament strategy.

Dongzhuang Golf Club: A Model of Excellence and Innovation
Dongzhuang Beach Golf Club’s engagement with TGM has resulted in a remarkable elevation in course conditioning. We have meticulously identified and enhanced the unique design features of their Parkland and Links courses. Our collaboration extends to optimizing staff efficiency and equipment usage, as well as implementing a landscape improvement plan that has not only beautified the course but also reduced labor inputs by 25%. Our winter overseeding program has been particularly successful, contributing to Dongzhuang’s recognition as another top 10 club in China.

The Parkland course exhibiting excellent winter overseeded conditions.

The DZGC team and TGM posing for a group picture during a recent site visit.


The year 2023 stands as a monumental testament to TGM’s vision, relationships, and customized systems, which have significantly contributed to our success in golf club management in China. We remain dedicated to maintaining and elevating the standards of golf clubs nationwide, ensuring that each course under our management not only meets but exceeds the expectations of the global golfing community.



As the year draws to a close, it is that crucial time when thoughts turn to budget submissions for the upcoming year. This is a pivotal moment in every managers career as it sets the tone of success for the entire year, from presenting to owners, boards of directors, and committees to shaping the philosophy guiding spending. In this era of technological advancement, it is prudent to explore intelligent ways to incorporate tech, making our jobs more efficient, enhancing data presentation, and refining our approach to spending. Armed with data, we can make informed decisions that drive success in golf course management.

Advancement 1: Data-Driven Course Assessment and Reporting

Initiate the budgeting process with a data-driven course assessment. Utilize GIS mapping and drone technology to gather precise information on the course’s condition (over an extended period and different climatic conditions). Implement the most appropriate reporting software that translates this data into actionable insights. This integrated approach not only provides real-time visibility but also assists in making informed decisions about resource allocation, setting the stage for precise budgeting.

Advancement 2: Sustainable Practices through Tech Integration

Boost sustainability efforts with advanced technology. Integrate weather forecasting software to optimize irrigation schedules and reduce water consumption, making central computer programming increasingly more accurate (and targeted). Implement RFID tags on equipment (and inventory) for accurate monitoring and to analyse equipment routings around the golf course. Leverage satellite imagery to assess turf health (google Earths sun path is a great tool), allowing for targeted and eco-friendly pest control. This tech-driven sustainability approach benefits the environment and enhances long-term cost-effectiveness.

Advancement 3: Precision Management with Technology

Embrace precision management through state-of-the-art technology integration. Implement monitoring systems that offer real-time data on soil health, facilitating tailored fertilization strategies. Equip golf course machinery with intelligent sensors for fuel usage tracking through GPS technology. Cloud-based software compiles this data into insightful reports, enabling agile decision-making and optimizing resource allocation. This precision-driven approach enhances operational efficiency and directly influences budget optimization.

Advancement 4: Vendor Relationship Optimization through Tech

Optimize vendor relationships by harnessing technology. Implement software that centralizes procurement processes and provides a unified platform for negotiations and bulk purchasing. Utilize AI algorithms to analyze historical data, forecast inventory needs, and prevent overstocking or shortages. This streamlined procurement process maximizes cost savings, directly impacting the efficiency of the agronomy department and contributing to budget precision.

Advancement 5: Continuous Training and Development with Tech Integration

Invest in staff training and development with a tech-forward approach. Utilize e-learning platforms with interactive training modules. Implement virtual reality simulations to enhance problem-solving skills. Cloud-based performance tracking ensures continuous improvement. By integrating technology into training, the agronomy team can evolve over time into a highly skilled and adaptable workforce, aligning with a commitment to continuous excellence and contributing to long-term efficiency and budget optimization.


As we approach the budgeting season, adopting these smart solutions and integrating technology into our processes positions the golf course agronomy department for success. Informed decisions, efficiency gains, and a commitment to sustainability are the pillars upon which the upcoming year’s budget can be built.



After the successful hosting of the SEA Games at the Garden City Golf Club in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, where talented golfers from Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia clinched victory, we set our sights on a grander stage. TGM was privileged to be a central part of the 19th Asian Games held at the iconic Westlake Golf Club in Hangzhou, China.


On September 23, 2023, President Xi Jinping inaugurated the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, drawing athletes from 45 countries and territories and featuring a wide array of sports, including golf. The ceremony was a spectacular affair that not only captivated the nation but also aimed to uplift the spirits of the entire country. With an 80,000-seat stadium filled with enthusiastic spectators, the atmosphere was electric as President Xi took center stage alongside esteemed dignitaries, including International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach. This event showcased the magnitude of the Asian Games, a gathering that outstrips the Olympics in terms of participation and diversity of sports.

The 2023 Asian Games provided a unique opportunity for sports enthusiasts to witness events rarely seen at the Summer Olympics. From thrilling dragon boat races to the mesmerizing sepaktakraw (kick volleyball) and the artistry of wushu, a traditional Chinese martial art – the Games had it all. And, of course, golf enthusiasts had their share of excitement as well.


Westlake Golf Club, designed by golf legend Jack Nicklaus, was chosen as the venue for the golf competitions at the 2023 Asian Games. The course, which opened its doors to golf enthusiasts in 1993, had established itself as a premier destination for avid golfers across Asia. However, by 2021, it was evident that the course needed rejuvenation to meet the evolving standards of championship golf.

TGM was entrusted with the task of revitalizing Westlake Golf Club for this prestigious event. The transformation began with a meticulous redesign phase led by the Nicklaus team. TGM’s key elements included creating root zone engineering, specifying grass varieties (including Pure Distinction on the greens – a first in China), and introducing a state-of-the-art fleet of Toro equipment. These enhancements aimed to ensure that the course met the highest standards for the Asian Games. In addition to the physical upgrades, TGM also provided long-range agronomic planning to maintain the course’s impeccable condition throughout the year.


The course renovation was not merely cosmetic. Westlake Golf Club underwent significant changes to adapt to the demands of modern golf. Key improvements included:

• Clearing vegetation to restore lost design features and vistas.
• Rebuilding tee boxes and expanding sizes and orientation to accommodate the modern golfer.
• Reconstructing greens to meet USGA standards.
• Freshening and repositioning bunkers.
• Extending the course by nearly 300 yards to challenge the longer hitters.
• Combining and expanding tees for member play, providing more options while ensuring ease of maintenance.

Apart from the championship course, Westlake GC also upgraded many of its amenities, including the clubhouse, a lighted range, three short-game areas, a simulator, a gym, and a banquet hall.


The week of the Asian Games was a testament to the incredible transformation of Westlake Golf Club and the dedication of the TGM team. As the world’s top golfers competed on this iconic course, spectators witnessed thrilling moments and unforgettable performances.

As we look forward to future golfing events and continue our commitment to excellence, TGM remains dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of golf courses worldwide, ensuring they meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

Follow us for more updates on our endeavors in the world of golf management and our commitment to creating exceptional golfing experiences.



I am excited to announce that Thompson Golf Management, our esteemed agronomic consulting firm, has expanded our portfolio with the inclusion of Dongzhuang Beach Golf Club. This partnership marks a significant step forward in our mission to elevate golf course conditions and redefine player experiences on a global scale.

Nestled against the stunning backdrop of Dongzhuang Beach, the club boasts a remarkable 36-hole championship facility that is renowned for both its challenging courses and breathtaking coastal views. Our collaboration with Dongzhuang Beach Golf Club underscores our commitment to raising the standards of excellence in golf course maintenance and management within the region.

At the heart of this partnership lies our dedication to improving the golf course’s overall condition. We will leverage our expertise to provide comprehensive staff training, implement advanced fungicide programming, conduct precise laboratory testing, optimize equipment utilization, and introduce environmentally conscious overseeding practices. By prioritizing sustainability and innovation, our goal is to create a playing environment that perfectly complements the natural beauty of the coastal landscape. 


Dongzhuang Beach Golf Club serves as a captivating testament to the allure of coastal golf. Boasting two 18-hole championship courses, each thoughtfully designed to challenge golfers of all skill levels, the club seamlessly blends the excitement of the game with the tranquility of the ocean. Its reputation as a premier golf destination is further enhanced by our partnership with JMP Golf Course Design, an esteemed name in golf course architecture.

This collaboration has resulted in courses that seamlessly integrate with the surrounding environment, enhancing the overall golfing experience. Our partnership with Dongzhuang Beach Golf Club reflects the fusion of our expertise and shared passion for creating exceptional golf experiences while preserving the beauty of nature.

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