Sheshan International
Golf Club


Setting the Standard in Tournament Excellence

Sheshan International Golf Club stands alone and exhibits unmatched precision and unwavering dedication. Designed by the distinguished duo of Nelson & Harworth, this course has witnessed remarkable milestones under the watchful eye of Thompson Golf Management (TGM) – via IMG, transcending beyond its breathtaking aesthetics to redefine the essence of tournament golf.
Prize money
Purse for the WGC HSBC Champions tournament
Tournament spectators annually
Sheshan’s illustrious journey is marked by the seamless integration of innovative design and impeccable course management. With a touch of artistry, our team maintains the vision of the ownership that resonates throughout the entire property. Notably, the course is overseeded each winter in its entirety to completion within a single day, a feat that showcases our commitment to unparalleled efficiency and meticulous execution.

For over a decade, Sheshan International Golf Club has been the proud host of the WGC HSBC Champions Tournament, a pinnacle event on the golfing calendar. This prestigious tournament has seen golf legends like Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Dustin Johnson, and Rory McIlroy grace its fairways, elevating the event’s stature to unparalleled heights.

In close collaboration with the P.G.A. and European Tours, our team orchestrates the intricate details of course setup, ensuring that every contour, every hazard, and every green is poised to challenge and inspire players and spectators alike. With a seamless blend of A1 and A4 bent greens, complimented by Paspalum wall-to-wall, and thoughtfully designed pine needle zones, Sheshan’s canvas is a masterpiece and the perfect venue to host such an important annual event.


Cameron Thompson, Director of TGM., affirms, “Sheshan International Golf Club sets the standard for tournament play in Asia. The meticulous setup, the flawless execution, and the palpable passion that envelops the event is a true credit to the excellence we strive for at the club.


  • Prestigious exclusivity: home to the only W.G.C. event in Asia.
  • Global acclaim: host of the Asian Amateur Tournament 2019.
  • Unrivaled pursuit: region’s highest-grossing tournament with a $9.5 million purse and over 30,000 annual spectators.
"I think the setup of the golf course has just raised the level this year. It's in the best shape I remember, firm, with long rough." - Adam Scott.

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CLUB on Winding Bay


Situated in the beautiful Bahamas

This golf course offers mesmerizing turquoise waters and stunning island views. Designed by the renowned architect Tom Mackenzie, it seamlessly integrates indigenous vegetation with the local terrain, creating an exhilarating golfing experience. The club is dedicated to environmental stewardship, exceptional customer service, and agronomic practices that prioritize optimal playability.
Offering golf, water sports, and leisure
Par 72
Tropical links
Course in the world and rated the best course in the Bahamas
Cameron’s contributions to this remarkable golf course were invaluable, encompassing a range of meticulous services aimed at ensuring superb playing conditions throughout the year. He played a crucial role in implementing hurricane prevention measures during the course’s grow-in phase, safeguarding it against potential damage. Additionally, Cameron was instrumental in the installation and maintenance of efficient irrigation systems, ensuring the appropriate distribution of water resources.

His expertise extended to overall course conditions and turfgrass management, where he painstakingly maintained the greens, fairways, and rough areas to ensure a highest quality playing surfaces. Moreover, Cameron actively participated in strong environmental activities, working alongside the team to integrate eco-friendly practices into the course’s operations. Together, they constantly sought innovative solutions that not only enhanced the course’s aesthetics but also promoted sustainability and natural integration.

This golf course stands as a shining example of environmental consciousness and harmonious integration with its surroundings. Cameron’s dedication to finding new and innovative ways to preserve the natural beauty of the course resulted in breathtaking views that captivate players and visitors alike.


  • The Abaco Club features the world’s first tropical links course, blending nature’s beauty with an unparalleled golfing experience.
  • Demonstrating resilience, the course recovered admirably from the challenges posed by Hurricane Frances and Ivan.
  • Esteemed golfers and legends like Sean Connery, Lee Westwood, and Darren Clarke have graced the fairways of The Abaco Club.
  • The club’s unwavering commitment to environmental awareness ensures the protection of the unique ecosystem of the Bahamas.
Through his contributions and collaborative efforts with the team, Cameron played an instrumental role in upholding the club's commitment to environmental stewardship, exceptional playability, and customer satisfaction. His passion for sustainable practices and his expertise in turf management have left a lasting impact on the course, creating an unforgettable golfing experience in a truly stunning setting.






A Monumental Golfing Oasis Designed by a Legend

Situated within the vibrant tapestry of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the Tiger Woods Dubai Golf Course emerges as a testament to unrivaled golfing magnificence. A true masterpiece that showcases meticulous design and extraordinary features, this course is a tribute to its namesake golfer, Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods Dubai is a private residential community and resort boasting the world's inaugural golf course meticulously crafted by the legendary Tiger Woods himself – Al Ruwaya. This monumental endeavor, a staggering 1 billion-dollar project, marks Tiger Woods' inaugural foray into golf course design.
Cubic meters of sand transformed
Sprinkler heads
Strategically positioned on course
Sourced and shipped internationally

Reflecting Tiger Woods’ visionary essence of creating an awe-inspiring and challenging golf course, Al Ruwaya spans a remarkable 7,800 yards. This par 72, 18-hole championship course features dramatic elevation shifts, lush landscaping, captivating water features, and a layout designed to enthrall and challenge golfers of varying skill levels.

Beyond the exceptional golfing experience, this enclave of luxury encompasses lavish residences, a boutique hotel, a rejuvenating well-being spa, a distinguished fine dining restaurant, a professionally staffed golf academy, and a clubhouse that speaks of refined elegance.

Encompassing an expansive area of 25.3 million square feet within the Dubailand project

This golf course community boasts an exquisite array of 20 mansions, 150 villas, and over 100 medium-sized villas, all encapsulated by the aura of the Clubhouse. The latter serves as a communal haven, granting access to many luxurious facilities, including a swimming pool and retail department while affording sweeping views of the golf course and academy.

Tiger Woods’ profound influence on the region is realized through The Academy at Tiger Woods Dubai. It offers cutting-edge methods, state-of-the-art equipment, and world-class instruction from seasoned professionals, empowering newcomers to flourish in their golfing journey.

The Boutique Hotel at Tiger Woods Dubai is an architectural marvel, offering guests an unforgettable experience through its unique and opulent design and a level of service that mirrors its grandeur.

Cameron was pivotal in orchestrating an astounding landscape transformation in this ambitious venture. Over 22 million cubic meters of earth were expertly moved, sculpted, and shaped to forge picturesque greens and dramatic topography. With an intricate network of more than 7,000 sprinkler heads and bunkers inspired by the famed Australian sandbelt, this endeavor stands as one of Cameron’s most immersive projects, a tribute to the cutting-edge methodology and visionary prowess exemplified by our team at TGM.


  • 22 million cubic meters of sand transformed.
  • Over 7,000 strategically positioned sprinkler heads.
  • 10,000 trees sourced and shipped internationally.
  • 40-hectare nursery nurturing greenery to life.

This unparalleled achievement is not just a golf course – it’s an embodiment of a visionary’s ambition and the collaboration of a world-class design team. Witness the grandeur of Tiger Woods Dubai Golf Course, redefining the essence of golf.

Cameron Thompson, Director of Agronomy at Tiger Woods Dubai, affirms, "This project's scope was staggering, and our commitment to excellence was unwavering. We spared no expense in bringing Tiger Woods' vision to life and creating a golfing masterpiece that sets new standards in design and luxury."


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